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Inheritance Wax

Inheritance Wax started in 2005, when Ashwan was working with the elderly in Liverpool, UK. As they passed on, families would come and clear their homes of all belongings which inevitably meant whole record collections being thrown out. 
Being a dj and producer, as well as nostalgic for the days when you could walk in to someones place, glance at the record collection and book shelf and get a sense of what that person is about, Ashwan salvaged the records and started making new record covers and sampling and remixing the original vinyl to create new art from old. 
The project is heavily hip hop influenced but instead of hours of crate digging, the sample base has come from this limited palate, with the hope that a different and unique sound will entail that also somehow pays tribute to the artists Liverpool roots. 
The music is free to download, while the original vinyl covers will be sealed in air tight bubbles for preservation, turning the discarded object back into one of value and meaning. 

This is a none profit piece of art intended to raise questions of ownership and copyright/copyleft for educational use. The individual tracks are significant transformations from the source material. If any objections arise as to the use of the source material please contact us here immediately.

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