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In she came...

Finally, up and running with a web page that I feel will faithfully represent the work I have made and something of the vision I have for the direction I am moving in. While 2016 was a difficult year in terms of big name artistic losses, for me, it was one of incredible personal and professional development and I look forward to sharing that in the coming posts and updates.

No man exists in a vacuum and so it is with any artistic process. Creating this new page has highlighted ( or reinforced) how important using great photographers is. Some of the images I am using are from as far back as 2008. The paintings are still strong work that I love, but it is the quality of the documentation that seperates them from much of my more recent studio work, thanks to the great photo's taken by Ron Davies. Another awesome photographer I have had the pleasure of working with recently was Luz Martin, who has helped me document the 'Street Life' series. It has been a tough but fun project, walking the streets with 8ft tall sets of text, then pinning them to a pre-determined wall. I also need to mention Matt Gillis here, whose tolerance and help has been invaluable. These walls were not always close by! I moved studio last year too. In to the centre of Barcelona, the heart of the Gothic Quarter. That would never have happened without Aidan McGovern who has complemented my skill set perfectly. We have developed a really interesting space for ourselves and other artists. If you are interested in finding out more or want to come and visit, drop me a message in the 'Contact' form and we can arrange something. Finally the page itself...long time friend and graphic maestro Matt Harris has given much time and great guidance in helping this thing look the way it does. All contributions have been and will continue to be very much appreciated. Wan luv people...let's do this!

Ash. x

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