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You Can Lick Me Everywhere

The 90's smash hit 'Juicy' by Biggie Small's was built around a sample from Mtume's song 'Juicy Fruit' which came out a decade earlier. In the original, one of the more prominent lines is 'You Can Lick Me Everywhere', which became the start point for this piece. Over 6.5m in length, it is constructed from 4 seperate panels of plywood and cardboard. Special thanks needs to be extended to WS Systeme in Kirchdorf, for help with construction, and also to Anja Dettweiler for help with installation.

In the next weeks I will be releasing a series of prints of the relief wall pieces that were built and installed on the streets of Barcelona. watch this space for more info and also follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram: @ashwanarts



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