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Vernissage Sample Culture

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came down to support the vernissage of Sample Culture and also to the good people at Young Gallery Weekend and Yzaguirre for sponsoring the event.

The show will run through until November 9th, so please stop by and say hello if you are in Barcelona.

The way I am using colour in some of these newer pieces is very difficult to document and really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

In the front room, the classic line from Rapper´s Delight: Now What You Hear Is Not A Test features in a BIG WHEEL format, standing over 250cm high. It looks like it is back lit, but it is just reflected light working with the shadow.

The show´s title confronts the fact that creativity across all art forms is ´borrowed´ in various ways and the Rapper´s Delight tune (which was released 40 years ago this week) has it´s own history of controversy as the lyrics were originally taken from Grandmaster Caz´s very own note book by Big Bank Hank. Despite spelling out Caz´s name on the tune, credit has never been properly attributed.Here it see´s another, and hopefully more positive, appropriation!

Towards the back of the gallery the phrase Excuse Me While I kiss The Sky dominates the space. Fans of Jimi Hendrix will recognise this line, which was loosely quoted years later by Method Man in his opening phrase of How High? This backlit piece is a monster at 488cm long.

The show is at BienCuadrado in Barcelona´s Gothic Quarter. Metro stop Jaume 1. street address: BienCuadrado, Ataulf 14, Barcelona 08002

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